Where Did The Inspiration For Ubereadoolische Come From?

The original purpose was conceived with a little lack of sobriety at an Elsewhere party in Reading during the summer of 2011, with the idea to try to persuade the people of Berlin to come to Reading for their underground partying.

However it was mostly born out of frustration for a lack of events in Reading at the time, so the real sober aim is to try to help promote the little local nights and grow the awareness of
them in Reading, to try to encourage Reading to have more regular underground nights, and to show people that there is more to Reading than approximately 267 chain bars all playing David Guetta and Rihanna.

The inspiration for the name Ubereadoolische comes from a long-defunct internet comic strip based on several well-known DJ characters based in is well worth a read though as it is only in web archive form and lacking some functionality due to it being deceased for several years. Hint – it features some of the stars of the Berlin minimal techno scene

Where the name comes from