James Winfield

When the domain expires in January 2018, this website will close.

I created this website to help promote the house/techno/disco world in Reading, some years ago. As someone who lived in Reading from 1998 onwards and has lived the ups and downs of clubbing in Reading, experiencing the post-Mango struggles of finding somewhere to have a good dance in Reading to good quality, underground beats, I decided upon the idea to create a website which promoted local nights and local DJs that were striving to push something different that the usual old Friar Street crap.

The original idea was that Ubereadoolische would promote the DJs, the nights and any music that was released. I hoped that it would become a community, and a beacon of such that other towns and cities across the country would be envious of. I hoped that it would help in the fight to have a decent venue or two in Reading, that allowed people to dance without nazi-style bouncers intruding upon their night, and with a good quality sound-system that didn't damage people's ears.

I even dreamed of a record label, mix series and radio station. Gosh we could have had our own venue or festival if it had really taken off.

Alas, it didn't really take off. And I didn't really have the time to put into it, or money to promote it, that doing such a job would require.

It did serve a purpose in teaching me how to build websites - so from a personal perspective it helped me to achieve my career change goal. It was also interesting to interview a few people on the local scene.

As I've updated the site just once this year, there is no point in pretending that I am going to be able to do the idea justice, and sadly therefore I will allow it to die.

Should anyone be interested in running it, if there is someone with the enthusiasm and drive to take Ubereadoolische forwards (and keep to the underground ethos), then I would happily continue to pay for the domain and hosting costs, and do any coding required.

Do get in touch if so. I am expecting zero demand and won't hand it over to anyone without proven underground credentials - likewise I won't hand it over to anyone that simply wants to promote their own brand. The site was meant for the whole Reading underground house/techno community.

Anyway, it has been fun.