Interview: Dean Chapple and Daniel Morris

James Winfield
Ubereadoolische talks to Dean Chapple and Daniel Morris, ahead of the launch night of Daxx, at Zeus, this coming Bank Holiday Sunday, 25th May .

So who are you, where are you from and all that stuff?

Hi I'm Dean Chapple & I'm Daniel Morris, we're both from the sunny suburban town of Newbury.
What got you into house music?

Dean: I grew up surrounded by music thanks to my Dad, and just happened to purchase my first CD 'Dance 96' at the age of 6. My love for house music has grown and matured ever since.

Dan: For me, it was Trance, Kernkraft 400 got me into Dance music. The rest is history as they say.

How long have you been DJing for?

Dean: I'm rapidly approaching my 7th year.

Dan: I'm still the apprentice as Iā€™m only creeping up on my second year.

How would you describe your style?

Our music style is actually quite similar, we've always focused on the deeper side of music that features techy elements. We're just happy the underground sound is finally breaking through.

Why the name Daxx?

Why not?

Good point! So is it just you two behind it?

Nope just the pair of us, and anyone else that fancies getting involved. Although we have our little family of resident DJs.

What gap in the market do you intend to fill with this?

The idea of DAXX is to do something different as everyone else is doing the same thing. We wanted to fill that gap in Reading and focus on artists that are breaking through and are not necessarily your easy top 100 pick. It's all about getting each other noticed, we built this blueprint on how successful our IGGF night with Bontan was back in January.

As you mentioned, you are also involved with IGGF too ā€“ how will Daxx differ?

DAXX is really looking into the underground, darker side of music, it represents music maturity in our opinion. Whereas IGGF tends to follow the crowd a bit more.

Can you sell the night in one sentence?

No one can really sell a night in one sentence, join us on the 25th at Zeus and see what you think.

Who is James Dexter and how has he inspired you to book him as your first headliner?

Dex is exactly the style of artist that DAXX will be based around, raw house, up and coming, hungry DJs. Plus I know him.

If money was no issue, who would you book?

Are we just allowed to pick one? That's hard... under pressure it would probably have to be Seth Troxler.

A very funny guy, and great DJ! Do you have a favourite track of 2014 so far?

Mate, what's with all the hard questions...

Dean: Mine would probably be the DeMarzo Remix of Biatlone & Going Deeper's 'Fascinated' TUNE!

Dan: Mine is easily Detroit Cuts by Origins Sound.

Who did your hair?

Dean: As it happens my Mum

How close to being the next Berlin do you think Reading is?

Reading's music scene is cool, and continues to grow, but to be honest Berlin is a whole new level. Until Reading starts hosting The Boiler Room style nights its pretty far away.

Yeah it might be a while before Ubereadoolische has it's own version of Boiler Room - one step at a time!

What else in Reading can you recommend to readers of Ubereadoolische?

The train station is beginning to look pretty spiffing. Some say it rivals the Eiffel Tower.

Anything else you would like us to mention?

Dean: I know this is all about promoting the night and the DAXX label, but can I be cheeky enough to promote my new EP. Dean Chapple ā€“ 'Lose It' EP is out now on Beatport!

Dan: Back to business, I'd just like to direct everyone to our soundcloud page featuring some sick resident mixes plus the first mix is a little treat from Filthy Rich who recorded his set at our IGGF 2nd Birthday. Its free, yay.