Interview: Pej Yavari

James Winfield
Our very occasional features series continues with a chat with Pej Yavari, founder of the Back To Love parties in Reading - we find out why he started the night, talk about the musical ethos and the more recent night with Terry Farley. Enjoy.

So why did you start up Back2Love?

I started of back to love mainly because there is no huge choice of places for the 30 something plus in Reading to go to and party.

You have used different venues from the norm – first Penta Hotel, now Island Bar. What was the thinking behind this?

We started off at penta then moved to island. Mainly because both venues have a nice classy feel to them.

What is the music policy of Back2Love? You seem to shy away from the ‘deep house’ that isn’t actually deep house that many younger folk are into?

The main music policy is house and disco. We lean more towards soulful house with a sprinkling of classic house and deep house. I actually love deep house. I think everyone's interpretations of deep house varies across the board.

Speaking of the younger folk, you have an over 25’s policy – how strict is this? Would you turn away someone aged 24 in a large group of over 25’s?

We have an over 25s door policy. But we can make allowances from time to time for under 25s.

Terry Farley was quite an inspired booking for your previous event. How did you decide upon this?

I have know Terry for a while now as I used to and still go to his famous Boys Own parties. I also have a big Boys Own vinyl collection. I consider Terry one of the original pioneers of the UK scene. Hence having him on the bill.

Who would you book if money was no issue?

If money wasn't an issue I would book the Masters at Work, Louie Vega and Kenny Dope.

Do you have a favourite track of the year?

Very hard to choose a favourite track of the year. If push came to shove it would probably be The Oliver $ track - lots of great music out there at the moment

A very sunshine-filled tune! What are your plans for 2015?

I intend to keep throwing the parties over 2015. Starting off with B2L's first birthday on 7th March. Blimey has it been a year nearly already lol!!

And finally, what else in Reading would you recommend to our readers?

I have to admit I love a good country pub that serves a decent Sunday roast. My favorite has to be The Crown in Playhatch. They do a mean carvery on Sundays.