Interview: Rob Randell

James Winfield
It's only taken us 4 months to do our first feature this year, and we were granted the opportunity to talk to a seemingly omni-present, Rob Randell, one of the more infectiously positive characters on the local scene, to find out a bit about his musical history and his night, Inspirations.
Rob Randell - In Cyber

So you are a DJ and a promoter. Which came first?

Defo DJ, the sound of 2 tracks mixed together is the most amazing sound ever it's like 2 of your favourite tracks almost sounding like a mash up - something special that represents you as a DJ and your sound that you created.

Talking first about your DJing, when did you get into house music originally?

Well I have been DJing well over 20 odd years originally from Leicester and I was once well into the hard house scene - it was massive up there back in 1999-2000 time. All the B-sides of vinyl always had a hard house mix so I would blast that back in the day!!

But as I moved to Reading in 2001 things just died down a bit most people in Reading at this time was well into Garage music, it was absolutely massive down here so it was hard to get DJ sets when your in a total different town so I ended up going down the old commercial route, got myself an agent and played house music around Marlow, Henley and Swindon, and even a little bit of London so I'd say moving to Reading back in 2001 is when I got into house music.

How would you describe your style?

My style Whaw...
I've always said, "I'm all over the place". I love my tech-house - but I have a soulful side.
I'be done a few deep house sets. Just play what you enjoy I say and what your feeling at the time

Do you have a favourite tune of 2015 so far?

My favourite tune has been the same for nearly 18 years (I think).
You don't know me - Armand Van Helden. Such a tune.

What was your inspiration behind Inspirations?

Simple. I just wanted DJs to play on my night who have inspired me.
Some of the DJs who have played for me I rate more than these guys you hear on the radio and in these big clubs around the world.
I also want to inspire upcoming DJs to show their talents - you never forget your first set in the main room to a crowd, you get that bug feeling and it's what motivates you to just want more.

How is your night unique from your competitors?

Mmm good question. I'd say as I'm quite new to the promotion game, I would say I'm more versatile. I like to put on deferent styles of DJs not just an underground scene with the same style. I like a nice pumping party DJ and a tech-house DJ and even some bass, house, all in the same room, mix it up a bit, keep things fresh, always want to create the best vibe. There are down sides to doing this but you have to try them hey. Can't blame a man for trying, hey?
Can you tell us more about the headliners on your next event?

Well this time around I have booked Morrt !!!! Now a lot of people have said sorry not herd of him or he's not big enough to pull a crowd but this is Inspirations - we're new upcoming as is MORRT. I believe in this guy and with all the things that's upcoming I think he will go big - he has big plans and I would love to be the promoter who took the risk and won. I have also chosen JETT who is a fantastic DJ and producer with big plans

Has promoting all been plain sailing or have you had some difficulties along the way?

Never ever has it been easy - the club managers put a lot of pressure on you to fill the place and I've had my fair share of quiet ones but let's face it we do it PURELY for the fun of it and the love of DJing, the music, the vibe we're creating.

If money was no object, who would you most like to book?

Oh my days if I won the lotto big party full of selfies haha prob Carl Cox Sven Vath not sure really.

I still really appreciate them old DJs back in 90's Jeremy Healy and Tall Paul, Brandon Block but to be 100% honest I nearly did book my favourite DJ for this event but it just didn't work out. I won't say who but me and this person go back years. Ever since primary school I am determined to book this person still one day but I can't say haha. Don't want to jinx it.

What improvements would you like to see in the local scene?

Improvements?? I wish it would go back to the old ways really, none of this constant Facebook and Twitter promo - and now everyone's a DJ these days so it's not what you know it's who you know but I do love the fact that in Reading alone all the DJs are really close with each other, we all help and support each other. I have met some amazingly nice people who actually care which is is lovely. So as for improvements I'd say just carry on supporting each other give other DJs a chance to shine.