Review: Groove Armada @ Cubed

James Winfield
For our first ever Ubereadoolische review, we checked out Cubed with Groove Armada.

The decision to review the night wasn’t made until after the event so forgive a little lack of memory.

Cubed is arguably the premier night out in Reading, though your reviewer hadn’t been to one since last summer.

A venue change was announced just 24 hours before, a brave decision, however we believe it was one of choosing as opposed to be forced upon them and worked out for the best as the review will explain.

Sub89 never used to be the friendliest of venues but they seem to have relaxed their policy of anti-clubber militancy which gives a much more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere inside. Their other well-known issue of ridiculously long bar queues was also much improved – though maybe that was the apparent lack of students.

Two rooms were open, with the main guest DJs such as Groove Armada and Ejeca upstairs, and the regulars downstairs.

Questionable how many people were actually aware of their being a second room as it was particularly quiet to start in numbers, some relaxed disco sounds being played by the likes of Ryan McGregor, going into a tougher house sound when Dark Matter and others played later on.

But it was the main room where the action, and the rather awesome atmosphere was to be found.

Groove Armada bossed it as you can see from the video clip.

Superstylin' was the unsurprised musical highlight of the night for many, and the dancefloor went off.

Your reviewer also particularly enjoyed the closing set by David Bowler, and come 5am when the lights came on, was wishing for a later finish time, even just for a few minutes to get the end of the Tale Of Us remix of Primitive People.

Alas it wasn't to be, the night finished too early with plenty of people still there at 5am, which is enough to show what a good night it was.

Cubed reminded all as to why they are arguably the premier night out in Reading, the night that promoters can look to for inspiration.

Although the main room was busy, as a whole the event was far from sold out which we assume is why the move from the larger venue of 3sixty to Sub89 took place - and a very sensible decision that was too, as there would not have been enough people to fill 3 rooms at 3sixty and the atmosphere could have been a tad flat - unlike the excellent atmosphere at Sub89, especially with that all-important top-notch sound-system

If you haven't been to a Cubed night - you should get yourself to one - plenty more events to come from them in 2014 - you know where to look.