Ryan MacGregor

James Winfield
In the first of a series of regularly irregular features, Ubereadoolische talks to the one and only, Ryan MacGregor, the man behind From Disco To Disco

FDTD has been running for more than 2 years now?

Yes it has, and for years to come!

Was it easy to find a suitable venue when you started out?

It just kind of happened itself. It was my birthday coming up and didn’t want to go out in town. So I thought why I don’t I get a bunch of my mates who DJ and throw a little party! I lived just round the corner from Up The Junction and the back room seemed the perfect place for this party! I called the night From Disco To Disco and sent out invites as if it was a club night! It was a massive success and lots of fun; it felt just like a house party with all your mates, but with a beefy system, cheap lasers and a bar all to your self! The guys at Junction asked if I could do a monthly party, and I have ever since!

Have you always held it in Up The Junction?

Yeah, ideally I would like a venue closer to town, but yet to find somewhere that I will not have to compromise the music and house party vibe!

Was there a magic moment of influence that inspired you to start it?

My love for Disco!

Have there been difficult moments?

Yeah, always! I run FDTD all on my own. Everyone month when it hits 10 o clock I get the fear that I will be partying solo!

Did it take a while to build the crowd of regulars that you have?

Yeah definitely! It started off with just my mates and over time more and more people have come down. Would like to say a massive thanks to every that has supported FDTD so far!

Do you have one particular night that stands out as especially memorable?

It has got to be the EJECA night! Looking back I still can’t believe we had that line up at FDTD! EJECA is smashing it right now, playing all the top nights in some serious venues, the likes of Teif at Corsica Studio, and Salon Zur Wilden Renate in Berlin. Its crazy to think we had him playing in an 80 capacity venue with no door charge! In fact all of the acts we have booked for that matter. Dan Le Sac played Wembley arena to over 16,000 people the night before he came to play to our 80 guests!

For anyone who hasn’t seen you DJ, what do you play and what is your alias?

I tend to do a lot of warm up sets, so I’m a 110 -120 cruiser, laying down mainly nu-disco & disco, but as the sets progress into the night, I like to get a little deeper into the house! I like to use From Disco To Disco as an alias as it promotes my night, and then people can get feel for what FDTD is about if they have never attended! I have started pressing some buttons on some synths, and slowly getting my head round production. If I actually make a decent track I will use the alias of “Visually Noisy”. So watch this space.

Do you play anywhere else?

Yeah I have a monthly slot at Sahara Bar & Milk Bar. These are long sets that I get to play all my new tunes I am digging and tunes I don’t normally get to play out! Lots of Fun! The CUBED CLUB playa’s Pete & Chris often get me sets warming up for their guests at Sub 89, and their London Adventures. I got to support PUNKS JUMP UP, c90s & EROL ALKAN, that was mega!

Can you pick a favorite tune of 2012?

This is a tough one! I would have to say Todd Terje – INSPECTOR NORSE. Such a tune, it’s a perfect cross over tune, I have seen so many different DJs drop INSPECTOR NORSE. Its instantly makes you bounce and play air synth!

We love the no dubstep rule. Has anyone broken it?

It’s the only rule of FDTD! No one has yet to feel the wrath of breaking it! I book the right acts that play the sound we want at FDTD, so it’s kind of an unwritten rule now. You can get whomping dubstep & jump up DNB anywhere. But not at FDTD! Oli from The Disablists did drop a couple of old school jungle tracks, but will let that slip, as he is a badman!

What would happen to them if they did?

Ralph Solly would do a rewind! Ha, (Little private joke!!)

What else in Reading’s nightlife would you recommend to the readers of Ubereadoolische?

From Disco To Disco.CUBED at Sub 89 – they book some serious acts, and it’s a massive treat to have these guests in Reading. Ticket prices are always fair for the line-ups they provide! Anything at MILK BAR really, I love hanging out in there. Check out nights like - The TRIP, Tunnel Vision & We Modulate to Oscillate. Also Melodies & Memories – Kind of like a book club, but for music geeks. Basically a guest artist is asked to share their favourite / most influential album with us! You just listen to an album and talk bout music for two hours. It’s a nice Sunday feeling.

Do you think Reading will ever rival Berlin?

Ha, unfortunately not. I Love Berlin, everyone is so laid back and just hanging out having the best time. The clubs are serious, no ones a complete mess in the corner, it’s a refreshing atmosphere to be in. Everywhere has that Independent feeling. All the above will struggle to become the norm in Reading though!

Will there be any Christmas songs played at your December party?

Hell Yeah, this is our 3rd Christmas party. Rockin Robin always goes down a treat!

Anything else to say?

Come join our parties! Next one - From Disco To Disco Presents – AMP+DEC – 8th DEC. SEE YOU ON THE DANCEFLOOR..!x